dousei kareshi butterfly lip

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This is one that I’ve been waiting for since HSC ended, it was meant to come out 29 March 2013 which was right after uni started so I never got a chance to play. What’s worse, its release got pushed back twice, once to 28 June 2013 and finally released on 27 September 2013. By then I lost track of it so only played it now ┐(・へ・ )┌

This game has 3 different games in its series and errr the names make me laugh. The games in order are dousei kareshi butterfly lip, dousei kareshi butterfly gloss and dousei kareshi butterfly rouge (last one released a few days ago). I don’t understand the need for the “butterfly” in the title plus a random make-up related word? Like what o_o Okay maybe the butterfly is related to black butterfly which is the company that made it.

Soooo why was I interested in this game? “Dousei” means “living together” and “kareshi” is boyfriend so it’s a game about MC living together with her boyfriend but due to circumstances, it’s possible for her to cheat on him :/ So you might be like “what on earth kind of game is this” but I’ve just never seen this concept before so I thought it would be interesting ¯\(°_°)/¯

But first, here’s the intro:


did i seriously not have a pic of her before wtf

Kanzaki Hina, the MC of the game. After the opening, the game starts with her in her 3rd of uni. She’s in the theatre club because she’s interested in movies. Can I just say, finally an MC that has eyes and a face! Okay most of you won’t get that. Also when the character is already given a name I’m like heck yes! Because I hate coming up with names and no, putting my name in there does not make me feel like I”m the one in the game, sorry otome game companies. It’s regretful but she does get a bit annoying in game sometimes ( ̄ー ̄)


Ichinose Kei, Hina’s boyfriend who asks to live together after they’ve been dating for a year. He’s in the same year, friend circle, and club as Hina. Before I played, I read some reviews and people said he was kind of immature. I was like “it can’t be that bad though right?” But actually yeah I did feel it after all 😦 But he’s quite sweet at times! Also whoever draws the chibi forms of them does a good job because they’re quite cute! ^^ He’s voiced by Kishio Daisuke whose voice I am familiar with from Starry Sky in Autumn and I neither love nor hate his voice so that’s alright. Btw I would pick him a billion times over the other guy sorry.

bloody hime

Himeno Kazuhi, your potential cheat partner. He’s two years Hina’s senior and was the head of the theatre club but graduated and now works at some company. He’s liked Hina since he met her but never worked up the courage to confess and then she started going out with Kei… When Kei and Hina have problems about all sorts of random stuff he’s always there to cheer her up. What made me laugh is out of these two main reviews I found for this game, one of them preferred Kei over Himeno and calls this guy “hime-creep” because he honestly appears out of nowhere to where Hina is and I actually agree and it is a little creepy x_x The other reviewed liked Himeno better since Kei’s occasional immaturity got on her nerves lol.

When Kei first meets him, he calls him “Hime-chan senpai” which is hilarious because it kind of means “princess-chan senior” since hime (the kanji in his name) means princess LOL. He’s voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke who SO many people love but for some reason I really really don’t like his voice :/ It’s too bad he’s in like everything and then my interest in the character he voices or the game he’s in makes me not interested in it anymore :/ I’m familiar with his voice because he voiced a character in Starry Sky in Winter.


Takanashi Michiru, Hina’s token girl best friend (there always has to be a female friend for the MC to balance it out). She’s in the same year as Hina and Kei. Unfortunately I don’t know if I really consider her a best friend since some of her actions/thoughts are questionable :/ Like once to Hime she says that what he’s doing is “hurting Kei… err I mean Hina.” Other reviewers got that feeling as well. In any case I love how she only got a knee up CG here lol.

Anyway that’s it for now. I actually took down notes while I was playing so I would remember the plot LOL. Usually you can’t really play these games from start to finish twice because it takes too long and you usually remember bits of plot so your mind gets a bit bored. In this game, I would pick Kei over Hime cause hime-creep forever LOL also I don’t like his VA > > But both were a bit “ehhh” but next game is going to be so devastating cause from what I’ve seen so far both of the characters are SO NICE (ಥ_ಥ)